Preston's mom
"We have been going to Jamie's since 2013 and my son just loves it. They are so kind and caring. An amazing preschool. Very warm and inviting. The people I have met over the years have become like family to us. In my darkest times this preschool showed me some light!"
—Preston's mom
Grace's mom

"Jamie’s was our only outing and outlet for three years. It gave us connections with others we will cherish for life. Jamie's made everything that seemed so very wrong in the world at that time OK."
—Grace's mom


Hockey Marathon scores big for kids with cancer

Jamie's student Christian Crowell was proud to support the players in the Hockey Marathon in Chestermere, May 6–16, 2012. Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you from our community to the teams, organizers, helpers and supporters! The event was a tremendous success, raising more than $1.5-million for the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation to support pediatric oncology treatment and research. Donations can still made at Christian's mom Megan was pleased to lend her capable hands to treat exhausted and injured players, and blogged these words of encouragement and gratitude:

"Today I am volunteering at the Hockey Marathon in support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital (Oncology and NICU departments). I have spent the day trying to nurture the wounds of these men who have soldiered on for nine days now. Getting only minimal hours of sleep each day, fighting blisters, sprains, strains, flu, pneumonia, infections and fatigue. Yet each of these men, I think, would do it 100 times over if they thought it would save one more little person from the vile clutches of cancer. With only one day to go they are over halfway to their goal of trying to raise $1.5-million to support Cancer treatment and research. So right now Christian and I are sitting in the treatment area where us therapists are working on the players. It is dark and quiet so the players who are not currently on the ice can sleep and rest in peace. The valiant quest is so honourable and my fragile state of mind has me spontaneously breaking into tears when I think about the children, my child, fighting for their lives. These men battle to honour the kids fighting at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and I pray that their hard work will help the staff at the ACH give these kids the best chance of survival. If you want to make a donation to the hockey marathon or just check out some pictures, click here"