Maxwell's mom

"Maxwell has a heart transplant and will be immune-compromised for life. Jamie's provides a safe environment in which he can play, interact with kids, make friends and grow. He gets to do things in the community he otherwise wouldn't. We couldn't ask for anything more wonderful."
—Maxwell's mom´╗┐

If you are interested in Jamie's Preschool for your child or a child you know, please e-mail to:
Hours and location

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
12:15 - 2:45 p.m.

Unit 1, 3303
Capitol Hill Cres. NW,
Calgary AB T2M 2R2

Information for Families

During the school year, Jamie's holds classes three afternoons a week. Music, arts and crafts, and PEER are all part of the regular curriculum.

Families are asked to observe Alberta Children's Hospital protocol and not attend school if there is any sign of illness. As well, families should report any recent possible exposure to serious contagious diseases like chicken pox. Most children attending Jamie's are either moderately or severely immune-compromised and simple things like hand washing and attentiveness to contagious disease will ensure their safety.

Jamie's Preschool tries to offer more than early childhood education. Through family outings, school events and occasional social gatherings, Jamie's Preschool provides community and support to help families overcome the isolation and distress that accompanies childhood cancer and other critical illnesses.

For parents interested in Jamie's Preschool for their children, please e-mail