Willa's mom

"Willa told me her favourite thing about Jamie's is playing and meeting new friends. My favourite aspect is being a part of a community of people where the parents have all walked in your shoes. Everyone at Jamie's is living their new normal and it is a great community where you feel understood."
—Willa's mom

Hours and location

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
12:15 - 2:45 p.m.

Unit 1, 3303
Capitol Hill Cres. NW,
Calgary AB T2M 2R2

About Jamie's Preschool

A safer haven for kids with fragile immune systems

Jamie's Preschool provides a rich program of play, learning and support for children facing cancer, blood disorders and other critical illness. Founded in 1986 by parents of Calgary cancer patients, Jamie's is one of North America's only early childhood education programs that serves immune-compromised children.

Jamie's Preschool is a safer haven for kids and their siblings who, without Jamie's, would otherwise have very little opportunity for contact with peers or early education outside of home and hospital.

Children in treatment for cancer, blood disorders, dialysis, stem cell transplant, and solid organ transplant are often severely immune-compromised, and germs as common as chicken pox can prove fatal. Regimens of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy are some of the most taxing treatments known to modern medicine. Even children in remission, those not actively fighting cancer, are often still at risk, due to the extended treatments required to ensure their best chances for cure.

For more than 30 years, Jamie's Preschool Society has provided a safer learning environment for immune-compromised kids and their families. Jamie's operates as an independent, registered charity and relies on private donations and volunteer labour. Click here if you would like to support Jamie's. Or click here if you have a young child who might benefit from our program.


Our Vision and Mission

Our vision: To provide a safer haven for preschool-aged children with cancer and fragile immune systems.

Our mission: To provide opportunities for play, learning, socialization and community experiences for immune-compromised children and their siblings aged 3–6, in order to improve the quality of life of children with serious medical conditions and their families.