Preston's mom
"We have been going to Jamie's since 2013 and my son just loves it. They are so kind and caring. An amazing preschool. Very warm and inviting. The people I have met over the years have become like family to us. In my darkest times this preschool showed me some light!"
—Preston's mom
Grace's mom

"Jamie’s was our only outing and outlet for three years. It gave us connections with others we will cherish for life. Jamie's made everything that seemed so very wrong in the world at that time OK."
—Grace's mom


2017 Child Development Professional Award of Excellence

We are pleased to announce that Tiffany Howe was awarded the 2017 Child Development Professional Award of Excellence.  Mrs Howe was presented the award by the Minister of Child Services, Danielle Larivee.

Mrs. Howe was recognized for her outstanding role she plays in our program. Tiffany puts her heart and soul into our school and she goes above and beyond supporting our families.

Congratulations Mrs Howe!