Preston's mom
"We have been going to Jamie's since 2013 and my son just loves it. They are so kind and caring. An amazing preschool. Very warm and inviting. The people I have met over the years have become like family to us. In my darkest times this preschool showed me some light!"
—Preston's mom
Grace's mom

"Jamie’s was our only outing and outlet for three years. It gave us connections with others we will cherish for life. Jamie's made everything that seemed so very wrong in the world at that time OK."
—Grace's mom

Willa's mom

"Willa told me her favourite thing about Jamie's is playing and meeting new friends. My favourite aspect is being a part of a community of people where the parents have all walked in your shoes. Everyone at Jamie's is living their new normal and it is a great community where you feel understood."
—Willa's mom

Maxwell's mom

"Maxwell has a heart transplant and will be immune-compromised for life. Jamie's provides a safe environment in which he can play, interact with kids, make friends and grow. He gets to do things in the community he otherwise wouldn't. We couldn't ask for anything more wonderful."
—Maxwell's mom´╗┐

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision: To provide a safer haven for preschool-aged children with cancer and fragile immune systems.

Our mission: To provide opportunities for play, learning, socialization and community experiences for immune-compromised children and their siblings aged 3–6, in order to improve the quality of life of children with serious medical conditions and their families.

Thank you from Jamie's

Your gifts make our program possible!

Jamie’s Preschool Society is indebted to many generous individuals, groups and businesses that have supported our program in enduring ways. Our thanks go out to all who give of their resources, time and know-how to help us ensure there’s a safe haven where young children with cancer and fragile immune systems can overcome the traumas of disease, treatment and isolation and just enjoy being kids!

We would like to say a special thanks for significant contributions past and present from these local businesses, organizations and groups:

  • Svensk Designs
  • CIBC Wood Gundy Calgary staff and friends
  • Calgary South Rotary Partners
  • Calgary Hitmen/Petro-Canada Teddy Bear Toss
  • Calgary Flames Poker Tournament
  • Kinderhouse Preschool
  • Sinopec Daylight Energy
  • Nickle Family Foundation
  • Noah Epp's Ride 4 a Reason/The Provident Foundation
  • Children's Hospital Aid Society
  • St. Andrew’s United Church
  • Energy Fore Friends
  • CIBC Miracle Day
  • The Jim Prentice–Stephen Ames Charity Golf Tournament
  • First Energy Capital Corp. and First Energy Community Foundation
  • Savanna Energy Services Corp.
  • Rotary Club of Calgary North
  • former Rotary Club of Kananaskis
  • Cenovus Employee Foundation
  • Community Spirit Program of the Government of Alberta
  • United Way Donors Choice
  • Yoga Santosha
  • The Galt Trust
  • Divesto Inc.
  • The TDL Group
  • Calaway Park
  • Calgary STARS Gymnastics and Cheerleading Centre
  • Southwest Alberta Benevolent Society (SWABS)
  • Loose Moose Theatre
  • Boundary Ranch
  • Kananaskis Emergency Services/Kananaskis Improvement District
  • Frontier Engineering & Consulting
  • Encana
  • Momentum
  • Bowness Road Investments
  • Exshaw Legion
  • Progressive Engineering
  • Calgary Foundation
  • Heaven’s Fitness
  • Birchwood Properties
  • Barnby Consulting
  • Lululemon Athletica
  • Birchwood Properties Inc.
  • Macleod Dixon
  • M Pak Plastics

And we are truly thankful for many substantial contributions from families and friends of Jamie’s Preschool:

  • Ewing family
  • Barber family
  • Cherkas family
  • Temple family, in memory of Stephanie Temple
  • Wheeler family
  • Laird family and friends, in memory of Addison Laird
  • Caton family and friends, in memory of Addison Laird
  • Mackie family
  • William Lacey and Dawn Evans
  • Jamie Williams
  • Lynne Thompson
  • Wendy Palmer
  • Marilyn Brown
  • Patricia Woods
  • Pauline Wegener
  • Maureen Slater
  • Laura Millar
  • George Waite
  • Brian Crooks
  • Rob Cowen
  • James Burrows
  • Moira Scullion
  • Maxine Tunney
  • David Duggan
  • Cooke family and friends, in memory of Kaidan Cooke
  • Sarah Esposito, in memory of Kaidan Cooke
  • Rod Ferguson
  • Kevin Hardy
  • Shergill family
  • Florence family, in memory of Addison Laird
  • Diane Oulton, in memory of Carter James Mazca
  • Rod Sykes and Loreen Gilmour
  • John and Janice Parkin
  • Connors family, in memory of Morgan Connors
  • Kostynuik family, in memory of Callim Dickman Kostynuik
  • Bainbridge family, in memory of Justin Bainbridge
  • McCann family
  • Galanoski family
  • Rev. Clint Mooney
  • Gerry Darichuk
  • Keintz family, in memory of Wade Keintz
  • Brent Bullen
  • Keane Dawvey
  • Andrew & Susan Judson
  • Rafi Tahmazian and Michelle Paget
  • Deborah Yedun and Martin Molyneaux
  • John S. Chambers
  • W. Brett Wilson
  • Deane family
  • Phil Libin
  • Dianne Hunt
  • Fritz family
  • Bauzon family
  • Gladden-Brunnen family
  • Matthews-Zlatic family