Maxwell's mom

"Maxwell has a heart transplant and will be immune-compromised for life. Jamie's provides a safe environment in which he can play, interact with kids, make friends and grow. He gets to do things in the community he otherwise wouldn't. We couldn't ask for anything more wonderful."
—Maxwell's mom´╗┐

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision: To provide a safer haven for preschool-aged children with cancer and fragile immune systems.

Our mission: To provide opportunities for play, learning, socialization and community experiences for immune-compromised children and their siblings aged 3–6, in order to improve the quality of life of children with serious medical conditions and their families.

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Jamie's Preschool Society: A case for giving

For more than 25 years, Jamies Preschool has provided a safer, enriching learning environment for children coping with cancer and other critical illnesses, and their siblings. Founded in 1986 by parents of Calgary cancer patients, Jamie’s operates as an independent, registered charity. It relies on private donations and volunteer labour to provide a rich program of play, learning and support that serves as a bright light in the lives of families with kids who are immune-compromised due to illness or treatment for cancer, blood disorders, organ transplant and other medical conditions.

Without Jamies, our young students would otherwise have very little opportunity for peer contact, early child- hood education or community activities outside of home and hospital. Faced with taxing treatments that suppress the immune system from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, bone marrow or stem cell transplant to long- term therapy with immunosuppressant drugs—our kids can become seriously ill from exposure to a simple cold or flu; germs as comon as chicken pox can prove fatal.

Children often remain at risk for years post-treatment because of the extended therapies required to ensure their best chances for survival. Siblings often lead a more sheltered life as well, in order to protect the health of the sick child.

Aged between three and seven, an estimated 12 to 18 students are registered at Jamie’s each year. “Our hope is that if they survive cancer,” says Jamie’s founder and former cancer parent Sheri Ewing,they will be able to blend back into society with no social or learning problems resulting from being isolated during their illness.”

Preschool classes, held three times a week with a cer- tified teacher, feature weekly music and gymnastics programs. These activities engage kids developmentally, respect their medical limitations, and build upon their strengths. Biannual excursions to Kananaskis Village, private family movie screenings and live theatre, holiday parties, and the ever popular annual outing to Calaway Park during off-hours are regular highlights for many families, enabling them to enjoy community opportunities they’d otherwise miss out on.

Jamies Preschool aims to support healthy psychosocial outcomes for survivors of critical illness by nurturing children’s social abilities, facilitating positive learning experiences, and providing physical and mental stimulation at the very time when treatment may be damaging or delaying development of these important faculties. It is a source of community and support for parents and siblings. Most of all, it’s a place where kids can be kids, regardless of their medical circumstances.


Jamie's Preschool Society relies on private donations to provide a safer haven for kids with cancer and fragile immune systems. Your support is so appreciated!

We seek ongoing relationships with individual and corporate donors to sustain our operations. 

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