Fundraiser Party for Children with Cancer
Oct 22, 2009
Jamie's Preschool

Welcome to a special school for kids who are too sick to attend a public school.

Two dozen kids are singing jingle bells but their eyes aren't looking at their music teacher, rather darting around the room looking for the much anticipated guest.

"It's a place they can do normal things," says mother Andrea Baartman about the location of this children's Christmas party.

Parents, kids and teachers are mingling in the basement of St. Andrew's United Church which doubles as Jaime's pre-school.

8 year old Addison Laird is a former student, "I'm on treatment so I sort of do home-schooling at home now," he says.

Laird is surrounded by students receiving treatment for variety of illnesses. Jaime's pre-school caters to kids dealing with cancer and auto-immune definicency diseases. "These children have illnesses where they can't go to school with thirty other kids and lots of germs," says Baartman.

Jaime's school opened its doors in 1986, Baartman saw a poster in the oncology unit when her two year old daughter, Hannah, was preparing for a bone marrow transplant.

Check out Jamie's Preschool in the video clip here.

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